Start date: June 1, 2023

Completion date: 31 May 2028

Funded under the European Research Council ((ERC-2022-COG)

Total cost: € 2 000 000

COOLed will explore the development of an innovative battery-free technology to generate electricity using cold space in any place and at any time. COOLed proposes the powering of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in smart cities. This novel technology will combine a radiative cooler based on tri-dimensional (3D) polymer metamaterials and a thermoelectric generator of 2D transition metal selenides. The final proposal aims to produce a technology with the required maximum output power density (1 W/m2) to power IoT devices. To accomplish this objective several steps must be undertaken:

– The development of 3D polymer metamaterials with excellent optical properties, high solar reflection and high infrared emittance.

– The investigation of an efficient radiative cooler, composed of 3D polymer metamaterials, with enough cooling capacity to reduce the temperature to the required level.

– The development of 2D materials of transition metal selenides with exceptional thermoelectric properties.

– The engineering of high-performance thermoelectric generators based on the 2D materials studied.

– The integration of a radiative cooler and thermoelectric generator in a single battery-free technology.

COOLed will be an excellent opportunity for the energy sector, specifically in electricity consumption, to explore new ways to save and recover energy using battery-free and off-the-grid technologies. This ambitious proposal considers the exploitation of materials such as 3D polymer metamaterials and 2D transition metal selenides that will provide a huge benefit to the environment due to the generation of electricity using cold space without the use of batteries, promoting renewable energy. This proposal will allow the research of new investigation lines based on the development of devices of radiative cooler and thermoelectric generators formed by 3D and 2D materials, respectively.