Authors: Rojo, MM; Manzano, CV; Granados, D; Osorio, MR; Borca-Tasciuc, T; Martin-Gonzalez, M

AIP Adv.. vol: 5. page: 1070-6631.
Date: AUG. 2015.
Doi: 10.1063/1.4928863.

The out of plane electrical conductivity of highly anisotropic Bi2Te3 films grown via electro-deposition process was determined using four probe current-voltage measurements performed on 4.6-7.2 mu m thickness Bi2Te3 mesa structures with 80-120 mu m diameters sandwiched between metallic film electrodes. A three-dimensional finite element model was used to predict the electric field distribution in the measured structures and take into account the non-uniform distribution of the current in the electrodes in the vicinity of the probes. The finite-element modeling shows that significant errors could arise in the measured film electrical conductivity if simpler one-dimensional models are employed. A high electrical conductivity of (3.2 +/- 0.4). 10(5) S/m is reported along the out of plane direction for Bi2Te3 films highly oriented in the [1 1 0] direction. (C) 2015 Author(s)..