Prof. Alfonso Cebollada Navarro

Research Professor

Alfonso Cebollada is doctor in Physics and research professor at the Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología, IMN-CNM-CSIC.

He obtained his PhD in Physics in 1992 studying the oscillatory magnetic coupling of Cu/Cu superlattices.

He spent two years of post doc at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San José, California, working on chemically ordered FePt alloys with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and Permalloy/Au superlattices with Giant Magnetoresistance at low magnetic fields.

Back to Spain in 1994, he joined the IMN (formerly known as IMM as of Insituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid), where he has worked since then in different properties of magnetic nanostructures and their interaction with light. During the last years he has focused on the area of Magnetoplasmonics in the visible and near-IR range, where he has contributed with a number of highly cited papers. He then moved to lower energy spectral regions by exploring the spintronic control of the optical response in the infrared of resonant metasurfaces.

In 2020, he joined FINDER, to contribute in the development of novel thermoelectric materials taking advantage of his long term experience in thin film deposition using technical methods.

As of January 2023, he has published over 150 articles, participated in 34 projects and has been advisor or co-advisor of 5 PhD thesis. His publications have 5200 citations without self-citations, with an average of 34.5 citations per publication. His h-index is 36.

ResearchID: B-6754-201

ORCID: 0000-0003-1990-4520

Scopus Author ID: 7003807119