Pedro Campos Resende

PhD Students

Pedro M. Resende was born in 1992 in Porto, Portugal. He enrolled in the Integrated Master in Physical Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto (FCUP), finishing his Master in 2015 regarding the design and fabrication of flexible thermoelectric devices. During and after his Master he worked at Instituto de Física dos Materiais da Universidade do Porto (IFIMUP-IN) as a Collaborator, where he performed his Master’s thesis. His work regarding thermoelectric devices granted the possibility to work also as an External Collaborator in a start-up company from Universidade do Porto, InanoE. During 6 months, he was one of the first collaborators and engaged on the development of the start-up’s first functional thermoelectric prototype.

Currently, Pedro in enrolled on the PhD program of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology in Universidade Autonoma de Madrid, performing research work in the FINDER investigation group. His work is focused on the nanostructuration of Aluminium Oxide Templates, fabrication of distributed Bragg-reflectors and polymer nanostructuration, as well as their characterization through several techniques (SEM, XRD, FTIR, among others).