Authors: Resende, PM; Martin-Gonzalez, M

Microporous Mesoporous Mat.. vol: 284. page: 1387-1811.
Date: AUG. 2019.
Doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2019.04.020.

The versatility of Anodic Aluminum Oxide has led to the development of a variety of templates with ranging sizes, periodic modulations, and network-like architectures. These templates allow for the nanostructuration and study of new meta-materials, with interesting and important properties enhanced through size-reduction effects. In this work, we further extend the utility of these templates through the use of current anodization in concentrated Sulfuric acid and 25% V/V of ethanol under low current density values, obtaining small pore architectures with sub-10 nm features. In addition, polymer infiltration was performed as a proof of concept application, resulting in 8 nm nanowires. The templates reduced sizes allow for their application in the search for stable, extremely small diameter nanowires, and also for their use as scaffolds or filters..