Authors: Rodriguez-Fernandez, C; Manzano, CV; Romero, AH; Martin, J; Martin-Gonzalez, M; de Lima, MM; Cantarero, A

Nanotechnology. vol: 27. page: 0957-4484.
Date: feb-09. 2016.
Doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/27/7/075706.

We unambiguously show that the signature of Te-rich bismuth telluride is the appearance of three new peaks in the Raman spectra of Bi2Te3, located at 88, 117 and 137 cm(-1). For this purpose, we have grown stoichiometric Bi2Te3 nanowires as well as Te-rich nanowires. The absence of these peaks in stoichiometric nanowires, even in those with the smallest diameter, shows that they are not related to confinement effects or the lack of inversion symmetry, as stated in the literature, but to the existence of Te clusters. These Te clusters have been found in non-stoichiometric samples by high resolution electron microscopy, while they are absent in stoichiometric samples. The Raman spectra of the latter corresponds to the one for bulk Bi2Te3. The intensity of these Raman peaks are clearly correlated to the Te content. In order to ensure statistically meaningful results, we have investigated several regions from every sample..